Saturday, July 17, 2010

July Play Dates!

Here is all of the artwork available to complete in class this next week. There are 3 other 2 page layouts pictured as well as an additional 6 cards in the included brochures to make with your remaining supplies! If you would still like a Zippidee Play Date kit, contact me today! For more information on how Play Dates work, please see the sidebar to the right.

For the scrapbook pages, you'll learn to use both sides of your stamps! Whaaat, you say? That's right, for this layout you will stamp the arrow on the reverse side of the stamp to get a slightly larger and solid image. It's awesome! Come to class and see it in action!

For those completing cards, here are all 4. For those at home, your stamped-on pieces are precut. If the image is cut out, you'll need to do so as well as any other stand-alone pieces and bases. Instructions are as follows:

Cut your card bases. To score your cards for the fold, simply place them on your paper trimmer and move the trimmer out of the way. Using your dry embosser, run the stylus along the cutting groove with mild pressure at the appropriate measurement. Super easy and straight lines every time!

The first card, Thanks, designed by Karen Pedersen, is a standard sized card. Assemble your card base by adding the Bamboo diamond B&T to the face (with the the stamped Thank You right side up =), round your corners and sponge with Cocoa ink.
  1. Layer your Indian Corn Blue Cardstock stamped and embossed with Indian Corn Blue dots over the Cocoa CS and adhere to your base above the stamped Thank You.
  2. Using your corner rounder, with the corner guard removed, stamp around the Cocoa Cardstock circle to create a scalloped edge. The picture is shown with a straight strip (from next month's Play Date) but the process is the same.
  3. Layer pieces as shown until you're ready for the chipboard T.
  4. Taking the small colonial white scrap stamped and embossed with Indian Corn Blue dots and lay face down. Place your T over the back of the cardstock (right side down) and trace lightly with pencil. Cut out the T and adhere to your chipboard T. Sand the edges to finish. Adhere to the card over the Tulip stripe B&T circle (from Cherry-O). Voila!

Hit The Spot - 8x3
  1. Colonial White Base. Set aside.
  2. This is a bit tricky to get the brads through only the black face and get your B&Ts lined up. I assemble them on the face (without adhering) and mark the spot for the brads with a light pencil mark. Then cut and tie your ribbon appropriately, but don't adhere. Just place over your pencil mark and then use your pierce tool to make your hole. Add your brads. Now when you assemble your card, your brads won't show when you open the card!
  3. Working with the black embossed face, adhere your B&Ts following the Originals pattern. You can adhere everything now to the face and tack down the knot end of your ribbon.
  4. The stars are cardstock over chipboard. (See above for directions.)
So Happy - 3x3 Originals Side Accent
  1. Indian Corn Blue base.
  2. All pieces are sponged in Desert Sand.
  3. Adhere argyle B&T per directions. The Honey cardstock piece is a 1/2" from the bottom (along the bottom of the pieces listed in the Originals pattern.) Add 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" Colonial White square.
  4. Ink chipboard heart in Cranberry and let dry. You can use your pierce tool on the back of the chipboard to move around the surface of your ink pad.
Missing You - 3x3 Originals Squares Overlay
  1. Colonial White base.
  2. All pieces sponged in Desert Sand.
  3. Add the B&Ts on the left side and then add the Cranberry Cardstock strip right over the seam. Add the Bamboo Sparkle B&T.
  4. Using a pierce tool and some plastic canvas as a guide, pierce holes around the B&T, then adhere the sentiment over the remaining Indian Corn Blue mat and adhere to card.

Friday, July 16, 2010

In Remembrance

*Card finally uploaded!*Today my sister-in-law laid her mother to rest. Fern Wong Carter passed away this week at the age of 51 after a 3 year battle with cancer. It's something we know must come eventually but we hope will be later rather than sooner. No matter when it comes, we are ill-prepared. Liz, know that we love you, Steve and the girls and we hope our love may be of some comfort and that you may draw strength from your Roses.

Your mother was an amazing woman and I see the same strength and courage in you and your girls. She leaves behind an eternal legacy. We will see her again. But not today.



The card is on a 5x7 Vanilla Cream base and features That's Amore papers, Cocoa and Tulip inks. Grown With Love is the stamp set and then finally, twill ribbon was added.


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