Monday, July 4, 2011

Grateful {Magic Layout}

This is my second post today. Be sure to scroll down to see the fireworks!

I'm finally getting this posted in response to Diana's Challenge today. I started this layout last fall when the Olivia papers came out. I'm embarrassed to say it took me this long to complete it!

I had some specific photos in mind to shoot of my family, initially. After starting this, I never got out to shoot the pictures, then got pregnant and immediately sick, lol! So it's been completed for several months sitting empty and waiting to use. I finally decided I had several random pictures over the past year that highlighted things I was grateful for so I've added them in here. The photo book on the top left layout was for a 5x7, but with some quick mats, my 4x6's worked just fine!

The left layout was originally seen in Key Notes. I completed the right side and added some stamping from Grown With Love. (Again, this was to go along with the family tree theme and the family group photos, but it works just the same, lol! - See, Holly is right and YOU CAN FIX IT!)

Warm wishes,

Happy Independence Day!

We had a great time at the fireworks Saturday night with the Morton clan. We went out to Riverton for the annual tradition. I took the tripod (finally remembered it) and I'm pretty sure that my camera being on the fritz kiboshed any good that may have come from it! Oh, well, enjoy the pictures anyway! hope yours turn out MUCH better and enjoy the festivities today regardless!

Warm wishes,


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