Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cheetos and Trouble {Studio J}

Can you see I love My Reflections Manmade? With 4 boys in the family it seems to be useful for a lot of my photos! And speaking of boys, here are two of my favorite! This two-page layout could easily be turned into 2 separate one-page layouts in Studio J. And I admit I kind of had that idea when I started. But after I placed all my photos and then added an extra journalling box, I couldn't resist adding the title "Two Boys." 

Despite being totally separate events about separate kids, there seemed to be a unity in theme, "What's going on now?" Aidan's page talks about one afternoon where it really hit me how much we had been counting - everything - over the past few weeks. Garrett's shirt says, "Trouble is my middle name." Both sets of photos brought to mind the milestones each child was making at their particular age, and it telegraphed into the journalling. (You can click on the photo and see the enlarged version to read the journalling.) 

Studio J is an online Scrapbooking software and is totally free to play with. Check it out here. You don't have to commit to anything to play, just a user name and password so your projects can be saved for you. This layout can be completed in Studio J in about 15 minutes and can be two one-page layouts or a two-page layout. If you'd like to join my 30 minute online Studio J Class or host a Studio J Class in your home, please contact me (801.910.8698, Easy peasy!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge {All Boy}

Out of four boys in the family, it was difficult to pick just one to submit for the i heart faces contest: All Boy. G is definitely the most boy in our family. He is two going on 200 MPH and willing to try anything including a dare by his older brother to go down the big slide at the park. Love that face!

Warm wishes,

A Little Birdie Told Me... {SOTM}

Life is "tweet"! After spending the past few days sicker than a dog with food poisoning I am thankfully back in the office. It was a rough couple'a days there, but I'm glad to be back!

This stamp set is just the cutest little thing and I've had so much fun making cards for the first time in like, a bazillion years! The best part is they're super simple and easy to bust out a few. And these days, with four littles, I'm ALL about the easy! And here is the latest little, mouth open, just like a bird!

Life Is Tweet is available at regular price for only $17.95 this month only or you can get it for $5 with your $50 purchase. And don't forget it's Stampaganza this month! Purchase 2 regular priced A, B, C, D or E sized stamp sets and get the 3rd set of equal or lesser value for FREE! SOTM's can't be free under this promotion because of their already insanely cheap price, but you can use the sets you actually pay for as part of your $50 to get it for 5 bucks. This is one amazing deal and only happens every few years, so don't let it pass you by and go the way of the Dodo. This bird's too "tweet" for that!

Warm wishes,

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Five Mile Pass {Studio J}

Here's a fun layout featuring an exclusive members-only My Reflections kit in Studio J, Manmade. It's rough and tumble and perfectly illustrates the boys (and girls!) in our house! (You can read more about becoming a member here and  here - and you can try Studio J Online scrapbooking suite here for free. Only pay when you print!)

Four wheels are better than two whenever possible, whether it's in the truck or on the ATVs. Last spring we went out for a little evening drive to an area just southwest of us about 45 min. A lot of people come here to play in the dirt and we certainly shamed none of 'em! Gram and Papa came with us so it was truly a family affair! Brandon just put new knobby tires on and wanted to try them out, so we piled in and away we went!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can get out and play!

Warm wishes,

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday My Love {Studio J}

This page is dedicated to my man, my main squeeze, my partner in crime, Brandon. Yeah. I know he's not pictured here. (He hates his picture being taken.) This is what he gets to wake up to every day.. one perfect princess, one tough guy an adorable baby and ... the three year old. (Garrett :)

He's an amazing man to deal with these crazy kids (did I mention Garrett is THREE?) and keep this household running like a well-oiled machine while I am working all day. The amazing thing is he's still sane *mostly* and he loves them all to pieces. Happy birthday to the best Daddy and Husband ever! I love you so much and I am so privileged to spend this life with you now and forever!

(This page was a particularly difficult morning for the then-two year old, Garrett. These pictures, taken by Brandon, perfectly captured the feeling of getting up too early because Aidan was just a little too loud waking and couldn't resist getting his brother up to *help* with breakfast. You gotta love it. One day we will. Right? ~Lol)

Page created in the Studio J Online Srapbooking suite here using My Reflections Roughing It.


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