Friday, December 10, 2010

Yay! Discounted Stamps!

Beginning now, you can access a variety of retired products that are available at discounted prices. We will occasionally add to this collection of products when we have retired items left in inventory that we know you will love. Because inventory can fluctuate, check my site often to take advantage of these products that are offered while supplies last! These items are available on my MyCTMH website at Shop Online > Discounted Products.

Don't forget, with the Plenty For Twenty constant campaign, you can get a Free D size stamp set with just a $20 website order. Check it out today for the best selection!


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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Lights at Temple Square

I attempted to post this via my phone the other night, but apparently was unsuccessful, so here it is.

A few nights ago, we took the family up to the Salt Lake Temple grounds to see the Christmas Lights. Although we haven't been for a few years (super cold and super newborn!) it is considered an annual tradition in out family. You can't beat the display they put on, nor the beautiful Spirit you feel while there. It is one of my favorite things!

We went on a Tuesday and the weather was outstanding! Not too cold and not windy. The crowds were light this early in the season and it was fortunate as we had two strollers and a wheelchair with us. We started with my favorite spot, the Assembly Hall. This building was used for services until the temple could be built. The architecture is amazing with it's Gothic styling and filigrees. Add Christmas lights and you can't miss!

There were several high school choral groups there (my Alma matter Hillcrest among them) and the show
was beautiful. Our favorite street musician the bagpiper was also there on the south side serenading as we arrived. We missed him on the way out but we are looking forward to hearing the pipe bands on New Year's. Well, hopefully I can talk Brandon into going...

We saw the nativity and heard the story as told by the Prophets. What an amazing experience! The scene on the lawn is absolutely stunning with the choreographed lighting. I got some great pictures here where the lights took on the look of the Star above the manger - despite having to use my phone. Grr. But that is another story.

Make this one of your hot spots this season for sure! End up at home around the hearth with some hot scones and chocolate milk as we did and it's a winner!

Love much,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorative Elements Christmas Ornaments

This is what I do in my spare time when I'm not saving the world at work. Ok it's not so dramatic as all that. I do get to do some downtime activities at my desk when it it's slow, though, so I try to get my crafting in then.

Today in preparation of decorating the tree with the kids, I sponged my DE Ornaments with Cranberry and Sweet Leaf. Starting tonight, we're doing a new holiday thing and the kids are making most of the ornaments for our tree.

This is REALLY TOUGH for mom. In the past, the tree has been my baby. I spent YEARS selecting (not just buying-no nothing as blase' as that) the ornamentation that culminates in the perfect Christmas tree, no, the Ultimate Christmas Tree... But I digress.

We're trying to have fun and create some fun memories for them which we will of course scrapbook, but not break the bank nor moms patience in the meantime.

So here they are. We'll add black and white photos of the kids and some ribbon and glitter tonight when we assemble them. I'll post some pics of our tree when we get them done this weekend. Gotta take some photos and print them out.

Love much!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Hunger Games

I started reading this book last week. I know. You're thinking, "FINALLY." I seem to do that a lot. I did it with Harry Potter and Twilight, too. Not normally the books I would pick up, I get sucked into reading them after they are a Phenomenon. That's right. That's a capital P.

Same, here. My sis-in-law's ganged up on me (okay, it really wasn't like that), but they STRONGLY suggested I read the books as they prepared to start the 3rd in the trilogy. I can say, I wasn't hip on the story line. Don't like negative. Much prefer to zone out in the Happy Ever After. Plus it is too creepy that it is not that far out of an idea, right now..

I must say, I am very pleasantly impressed. I am only halfway through the first book (so please don't spoil it) but I can't wait to see what happens! So thanks to all of you who have recommended me books I haven't wanted to read. I always read them and am usually glad I did. Keep up the good work!

PS- Happy Birthday to my niece, Lecsy!


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