Monday, September 27, 2010

Just got back..

..from Fish Lake for the week. I attempted to update from my phone (which I am just learning how to do..) but there was no Internet coverage there. Epic Failure!

So that said, I'll get to the point! We had a great time on vacation. The leaves were beautiful - couldn't have picked a better time to go! We had sooo much fun four-wheeling, getting dirty and sitting around a stinky campfire roasting marshmallows. Of course, my kids are the ONLY ones I know who don't like roasting marshmallows or s'mores! Weird! I'm not sure where they came from some days.

Here are some of the pictures we took. I'll be posting pictures of stamp camp tomorrow, too, while I get plugged back into city life. Stay tuned!

Fish Lake from the middle overlook on Mytogee Rd.

Mytogee Road. This runs up the mountain on the east side of Fish Lake. It's our second favorite trail to ride.

We had some beautiful sunsets due to the fire just outside of Fillmore. This was seen from our camp.

On the road to Hancock Flat, out favorite road! The pictures just don't do the scenery justice, but the forest seemed to be on fire with the changing of the leaves.

Hancock Flat

We had lunch up on Hancock Flat in a sheep camp. There are usually several hundred head of sheep up here this time of year, but thankfully they were already down this year!

Plenty of wildlife! This was about a half mile out of camp on our way home from an afternoon ride. One doe and 2 fawns. Daddy Buck was nowhere to be found. The rifle hunt was due to open in a few days, so he must have been practicing!

How old does an aspen get? The scarred date on this one is 1937. You can clearly see the resemblance to the cottonwoods here, as they get older. I have never seen an aspen tree this old where the bark has changed like this!

Backlit aspen up on the trail to Hancock Flats.

Hancock Flats

Hancock Flats

Mytogee Road.


The End


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