Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In the Life {Thursday}

Whew! It's midweek on this project and I feel like I have learned a lot about myself and my family. I am really recognizing patterns and habits and am trying to document those. The little things we do everyday are the building blocks of our life and are often the most overlooked. When we go on vacation we don't take pictures of food or getting ready (okay, most people don't - I DO) but we take the waterfall or the kids playing.

In looking back you may think it unnecessary to document these habits in your life because they are not what we remember. We remember the action on the waterslide rather than the fighting with your brother over who got to go first for the 100th time and how you were planning to sneak first and outsmart him. Yet these moments have influenced you in subtle ways you might not be aware of. If you saw a photo of an instant in your life that day (say.. curling your hair) you would remember what was on your mind when it was taken or maybe the song you were listening to. These are the moments in my day I am noticing more by participating in this project.

A healthy snack

Heather. One of my partners at work.

Working. One thing I noticed about this photo is it's reversed. It took it using the front camera on my phone rather than the main camera lens on the back.

One of the many messes I clean up everyday. With Garrett's current favorite activity, I am so grateful for Lysol and Magic Erasers!

Lasagna and Broccoli for dinner. I REALLY hate using paper plates. It has always bugged me, but I really hate spending an hour or more in the kitchen cleaning after I've already spent that cooking! I hope to change this as the kids get older and start helping out more.. Mwah ah ah!!

Sometimes the best toy is a box.

Scrapbook the moment!

Warm wishes,

Week In The Life {Wednesday}

I think this is the coolest project ever! I have been thinking this past month (before coming across this project from Ali Edwards) that I often think in "tweets" and status updates now, but don't have time to post them when my hands are free. If I could just have a little elf follow me around all day and document my updates in my head and take a picture, it would be an amazing tale! Of course, then there's the legal issues and the inappropriate comments to deal with, because the elf might not know what should be posted and what should be politely left out. There would probably be union dues.. Just kidding. But you see what I'm talking about. I think in tangents all the time and this is a great way to note that part of my personality in photos and words.

Documentation failed on the first half today. I'm still having a hard time getting this done while training as I have stated before (blah, blah, blah, I know!) Something to work on, and perhaps help in my choice of weeks next time. I was able to get some photos, but found myself thinking just after an event, "I should have taken a picture!" Example was the Wally's trip (aka Walmart.) Completely spaced the camera as the grocery shopping is always a whirlwind anyway with three kids. Ugh. I did manage a pic in the parking lot though.. that counts, right?! Right?

I'm writing my Thursday documents today, and this is going better so far. I hope to see an improvement on this over the weekend when work is not interfering!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day. This took longer than expected because my camera battery had died last night. Go figure. I think everyone and their dog who is doing this project has joked, tweeted or posted something about "Can't wait! Charging my camera batteries for tomorrow!" Yeah, well...
Morning hair. I struggled to put this one in, but hey, I hardly wear makeup anyway since I'm allergic to it, so this is what I always look like (with better hair and lighting (lol!)

A view from my desk at work. Meet Tammy's back (she hates pictures).

While at work looking over my notes and photos trying to write this blog, I realized I had been taking pictures for a while now with the kid's fingerprints on the lens. Grr. 

I drove to work and home, then to work again before I remembered to fill up the tank... Thank goodness for 30mpg cars.

My best friend this week!

Quick sneak trip to the store for some necessities!

Garrett throwing a fit. He's two. He's allowed. 

The Savior and Me.

Brandon loading the kids. A great help since I can't reach the middle of the truck now!

Saving money. (It rained on the fertilizer before they finished so they are trying to bag it up before it pours!)

The Wally's trip.

McDonalds dinner is a treat for the kids. Not so much for Mom and Dad.

Liked the colors with the fluorescent lighting and the neon. It has redeemed itself, the McDonalds.

Like bath time, not so much the diaper rash. Poor guy!
Hope your Week is going well!

Warm wishes,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life {Tuesday}

Okay, we're in day number two and I admit to much less documentation today. It wasn't on purpose, just had a stressful day and it started off blank as I'm not able to do these activities while I'm training someone at work (currently 7a-11a). 

I was able to get some good pics, I think, but there are less to choose from. (This may actually be constructive for me next week when I start putting this together as I had a hard time narrowing them down yesterday!) I always have taken TONS of pictures - even before digital - and it's hard for me to remember that they can still be kept and have value, but I don't have to actually print and scrapbook EVERY ONE.

I did remember to try and include myself more in the pictures. The purpose is a Week in MY life.. and also because I am in almost no photos in general as I am always the one taking them! Today I did have a little help from Brook, though. She is quite taken with the idea of taking photos (yay!) and is already a born scrapbooker.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week In The Life {Monday}

Sunrise Drive

Creatin' calls and takin' names! {work}

Redecorating the room for the **th time.


Now this ought to be funny!

Garden variety

The Zone: Brook didn't even notice the lights go out..

Monster trucks crashing

Mama's helper

AFV: Great Grandma & Brook time.

Something technical.

Summer rain
5:30: Got up (yay me! Earlier today) 5:40 curl hair & dress 6:03 upstairs to pack breakfast/lunch - shake on the run 6:30 drive the truck today (*treat* - can we say decent radio?) 6:37 sad the sun is rising later 6:40 Jason Aldean's Dirt Road Anthem on! 6:42 arrive at work 6:46 finish song and go in 6:50 adjust schedule with supervisor for trainee 6:54 login 6:57 trainee Mar-Sha arrives 7:00 finish shake 7:03 first call of the day! 8:25 Diet Coke! - oh, I forgot the oatmeal.. 8:28 start oatmeal *tacky* ick. (next time don't let it sit so long, but at least I remembered to bring it today!) 9:36 break time! Check Facebook, blogs and Twitter, snack on string cheese and yogurt 9:50 order Bountiful Basket 10:02 start DOR's - taken one civil, overdose and many admins so far *lookin good!* 11:40 Break! Scuttlebutt from Tam. PB&J lunch, string cheese and yogurt 12:37 domestic ip, another overdose and talk about me taking our first suicidal caller *first day jitters* 13:02 dragging this round a bit.. 13:35 tty caller! Woo hoo! 13:47 a really long civil call.. 13:56 Break! oops, run 28 for Crystal 13:58 Break! Check facebook and twitter, update posts. Chat with Shannon a second. 14:08 Logged in *countdown* 14:42 go over DORs - made excellent progress for day 1 14:57 Amy relieves us 15:03 clock out *hit the door running* 15:05 update my documentation for #weekinthelife - more Jason Aldean! 15:09 10-17 home 15:32 Home 15:36 snack? #refridgeratorraid settle on whole wheat toast 15:41 chat with Brandon 16:08 start laptop knowing I won't sit down for 10 min... 16:15 blogging *chasing Garrett* 16:30 Steve & Liz arrive #grandma's 17:03 time to start dinner, up we go! 17:26 ready to cook #lovefrynight 17:42 nag kids to set table 17:50 dinner's on 18:36 clear dishes 19:00 downstairs with Garrett, Brook and Aidan have scattered 19:14 Wii/DS 19:27 blogging, facebook and twitter updates, planning layouts for #weekinthelife 20:06 upstairs to get Garrett milk *countdown* lol 20:20 bedtime for Turbo *little early* 21:36 Aidan in bed 21:38 ask Brook to clean up for bed 22:50 finally she goes to bed *sigh* 23:00 get ready for bed 23:30 lights out *finally*.

Warm wishes,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Week In The Life Project Starts Today

Starting today, I am going to try the Ali Edwards Design #weekinthelife project. It's a fully documented week of the good, the bad, and the ugly in scrapbook form {pictures + words}. I'll be posting pictures and notes here on my blog periodically this week through Sunday of my progress, *or lack thereof*, lol! I'm not gonna lie, it's going to be a challenge documenting each day in thoughts and pictures, but I think it will be worth it!

How many times do you (moms, scrapbookers, the Photographer) get to tell your story and get an unpolished glimpse into our daily functions? The real nitty gritty? I know for me, almost never as I am behind the camera, and also because I can selectively edit what gets published!! Lol! I do know, however, that in reading my family genealogy it is the journal entries and glimpses of daily life that I enjoy reading the most. What did they eat? What did things cost? Did they struggle with the same things I do or totally different challenges? It should be fun!

As Ali states, she learns something new about herself each time, so I'm looking forward to the epiphany just waiting to happen! Join along in your own Week or follow mine. You can also follow the country's progress on Twitter under hashtag #weekinthelife. I'd love to take you along for the ride! You can read all about Ali's week on her blog here. Thanks for following and please leave me some love with your thoughts and experiences!

Warm wishes,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

CTMH Retiring Products List {Summer 2011}

Greetings fellow stampers! (Okay, that was cheesy, I admit) The new Idea Book is coming August 1st and with that, some things, sadly, are going away. Stop here to get the latest retirees ASAP or browse the Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book by pages here. Now, here's the low down:

My Relections Kits, Papers & My Stickease – Pgs 6 - 39 
All Level One Scrapbook Kits
Bliss Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Miracle Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Sweetheart Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Wings Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Magnifique Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Olivia Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Hooligans Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Mistletoe Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease

Acrylic Blocks – Pg 45 
1” x 1 ½” block (Y1001)
1” x 6 ½” block (Y1005)
2” x 11” block (Y1007)
2 ½” x 2 ½” block (Y1004)
4 ½” x 6 ½” block (Y1011)
My Acrylix block starter kit (Y1500)

Embellishments & Tools – Pgs 113 - 123 
Designer ribbon – Cranberry (Z1209)
Designer ribbon – Buttercup (Z1154)
Designer ribbon – Sweet Leaf (Z1125)
Sophia Level 2 Journaling Spots (Z1357)
Mini Medley Accents – Pear (Z1339)
Mini Medley Accents – Lagoon (Z1340)
Mini Medley Accents – Outdoor Denim (Z1277)
Top Coats – Framed In (Z1211)
Rub Ons – Across the Board (Z1231)
Rub Ons – Primavera (Z1265)
Kraft Color Ready Borders (Z1377)
Red Eye Pen (3501)
Embossing Powders – Clear (Z671)
Embossing Powders – Heavenly Blue (Z647)
Embossing Powders – Pansy Purple (Z664)
Embossing Powders – Silver Pearl (Z678)
Block Buddy Set Z1289
Pivot Point Stapler (Z1009)
Texture Tools – Foam Tools (Z1090)
Fun Flock (Z263)
My Accents Block Organizer (Z185)

Cardstock – Pgs 124 - 125 
24 pks of Cardstock will only be offered in these colors after July 31st: Kraft, Black, White Daisy, Colonial White, Vanilla Cream, Chocolate, Cocoa, Desert Sand, Bamboo, Sweet Leaf, Pacifica, Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Olive, Cranberry, and Outdoor Denim Textured Cardstock – White Daisy

We are not retiring any colors and you will be able to purchase the other colors in combo packs.

Inks and Markers – Pgs 124 - 125 
After July 31st, you will be able to purchase our stamp pads and markers individually. We will no longer offer them in sets of color families. Order before July 31st so that you can receive the Color Family Set discounted price.

Dimensional Elements – Pgs 118 - 119 
Dimensional Elements – Villa (Z1390)
Dimensional Elements – Miracle (Z1354)
Dimensional Elements – Booksmart (Z1223)
Dimensional Elements – Borders (Z1156)
Dimensional Elements – Framed Fun (Z1140)
Dimensional Elements – Plain Chipboard (Z1164)
Dimensional Elements – Stars (Z1312)
All Dimensional Elements Monograms – A – Z

Other Items 
All Envelope flats – Pg 114
3” x 3” Mini Album (Z1166) – Pg 120
My Creations 3 ring binder (Z1141) – Pg 120

These Workshops on the Go Kits are available only through August 31st – Pgs 41 - 43
Sweetheart (G1017)
Lucky (G1018)
Sophia (G1019)
Bliss (G1020)
Fanfare (G1021)
Mayberry (G1022)
Miracle (G1023)
Wings (G1016)

My Acrylix Stamp Sets
B1313 Merry Pursuits
B1319 Four Seasons
B1325 Welcome Baby
B1333 Merry Monsters
C1292 Tropical Christmas
C1318 Best Wishes
C1324 Spooky Smiles
C1328 Festive Frills
C1333 Spooky Night
C1340 Aspiration
C1342 Damask Tiles
C1350 Dainty Thoughts
C1353 Gear Up
C1354 Robot Power
C1361 Buttoned Together
C1362 Youre a Hoot
C1366 Fringed Phrases
C1371 Holiday Jingle
C1372 Grateful Hearts
C1373 In the Game-Hockey
C1374 Spellbound
C1375 In the Game-Football
C1376 Stocking Style
C1377 Christmas Story
C1378 Heartfelt Christmas
C1380 Judiac Commentary
C1381 Card Chatter -Thank you
C1384 Neighborhood
C1386 Boys at Play
C1387 Playin Hard
C1391 Embrace Life
C1394 Candlelight
C1398 Love You Forever
C1402 In the Month of January
C1406 Hit the Spot
C1421 The Boo Crew
C1426 Thanksgiving
C1428 Ice Crystals
C1430 In the Month of September
C1431 In the Month of October
 C1432 In the Month of November
C1433 In the Month of December
C1434 School Rules
D1166 Vintage Christmas
D1171 New Fallen Snow
D1177 No Peeking
D1224 Holiday Joy
D1225 Jingle Borders
D1226 Magical Season
D1243 Peace on Earth
D1244 Snow Friends
D1257 Make It Count
D1258 Friendship Word Puzzle
D1265 Gracious Greetings
D1266 Baby Steps
D1280 Spot On Backgrounds
D1299 Thoughtful Seasons
D1305 Gloria
D1315 Evergreen
D1317 Feathery Flakes
D1319 Creepy Cobwebs
D1324 Christmas Melodies
D1326 Season of Splendor
D1332 Boutique Borders
D1333 Wishing Star
D1335 Intrinsic Backgrounds
D1339 Moments in Time
D1347 Confidential
D1349 Be Yourself May
D1350 Tender Tags
D1352 It’s Your Day
D1354 Endless Friendship
D1355 Gracious Greeting-F.
D1356 Gracious Greetings-S.
D1359 Comments
D1363 Picture Perfect
D1365 True Happiness
D1366 Holiday Trinkets
D1369 Delightful Things
D1370 Welcome Home
D1371 Many Thanks
D1372 Grown with Love
D1374 Ms. Holiday Cheer
D1375 Treasures
D1376 Holiday Warmth
D1379 Flourished Blessings
D1380 Just for the Holidays
D1381 Beware
D1382 Holiday Hoopla
D1383 Santas List
D1385 Good Work
D1393 Flourished Blessings-F.
D1395 Flourished Blessings-S.
D1406 True Friends
D1416 State of Mind
D1421 Cherish the Moment
D1422 Wonderful Friend
D1423 Happy Forever
D1424 Something Splendid
D1428 Happy Journey
D1433 My Game
D1439 Spook Alley
D1450 Beautiful Day

If there's any must-haves, get your order in before July 31st at midnight! You can go here and click "Shop Online" or call or email me anytime!

Warm wishes,

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