Saturday, July 28, 2012

In the Spirit of Giving

I'll first appologize for being gone so long. Life has a knack of getting in the way sometimes. Between working full time at 911 and chasing a 2-legged-3-year-old-demolition-crew in my spare time, I've been one busy mom! Here are two great Gives- a layout about Christmas and a gift.
I was blessed to get a few spare hours to scrapbook last night (because really, how important IS sleep?) and wanted to share it with you. Since I've been so busy with my two full time jobs ;) I've had precious little craft time and I relished it for the small miracle that it was! I don't foresee it getting better anytime soon, either, as my desk will soon fill with homework and half-finished art projects as school begins in a month. (Crazy SCARY!)
Long story short (oops, too late..) I've been trying to catch all my prints up this year and clean the last straggling layouts-to-be out of my stash. I made the best decision ever last year to use Studio J, Close To My Heart's online scrabook software, to do the bulk of my layouts this year so I could scrapbook stress-free and get it done in a snap! Still loving this decision!
This is the second thing I've been working on: a quilt for my youngest son. One of the many crazy endeavors I embarked on this spring to get myself some mad homemaking Skillz. (I know, I never start small. Wait till you see my other project!)
I took a quilting class with my mom in March based solely on a whim to walk through a little quilting shop I hadn't been in (age deleted...) since I walked through as a little girl with my mother. Incidentally she doesn't quilt either.
I saw this quilt and had to have it! I have three boys and knew they would dearly love it! I decided to give it to my youngest who doesn't have a quilt of his own and you'll never guess how much whining and pandemonium THAT decision caused (or how many new projects I suddenly acquired!)
It's all ready to be quilted and bound now and I'm so excited! This is one of the only craft projects (okay, besides papercrafting) which I've actually finished! (Think the crocheted 12" doll dress from 1986 and... hmm.) Well, anyway, it's not important. This is Convoy from Buggy Barn ala Trish. Hope you can carve out some craft time for yourself (cuz after reading this novel, you'll have precious little) and have a great summer!
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