Saturday, March 12, 2011

Always and Forever

To my dear friends, Richard and Dorothy. They are sealing their cute little family in the Salt Lake Temple today. I am so happy for them! Not just friends but family!

I made this card to give to them (I am headed to the Temple now to take their photos) after the ceremony in a few hours. It features our new paper pack, Bliss. I *love* this pack so much! Grey wool, Going grey, Chocolate and Vanilla Cream combine for the perfect neutral to go with anything!

Also featured is our new stamp set Salutation Seals which pairs beautifully with the circle and scalloped punches! The whole reason I got this set is to go with the scallop punch! So much fun! The paper roses are simple spirals and topped off with some Mocha Opaques for just a touch of elegance. I paired this card with a 5-pack from Studio J so Dot can scrapbook her photos with the same ease and elegance. Hope your day is terrific, too!

Warm wishes,

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Old School

While at a crop a few weekends ago with my friends, Carma and Karen, I was able to put some pictures on several layouts I had created over the years but had never finished the story. This is a Cherish layout featuring Game On (this is a retired paper pack, but you can still find the kit and all the embellishments on Studio J). When I first saw this sports kit, my first thought was: Great. I don't do sports. As you know, I am a big fan of thinking outside of the box, so my second thought was: Let's fix this!

First, I began seeing the stars B&T as the night sky. Beacause of the darkness, I thought New England Ivy would be a great "land" color. While perusing the idea books and pattern book, I ran across the idea of the landscape with torn cardstock. This layout just seemed to POP for me! The funny thing is I originally thought of it as a camping page, but could never find the right pictures to go with it.

Then, when searching through my old layouts, I ran across these pictures of the Kamas Fiesta Days Demolition Derby. I'd had them printed several years ago and they were mostly 3-1/2" x 5" prints. Some of them had already been cut into shapes, which made them difficult to fit on another page. This layout features photo wells for smaller pictures and it was perfect for my smaller prints.

Warm wishes,

PS-You cn get Cherish for 27% off right now! Check out my website for this and other smashing deals!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweet dreams

I started to panic a bit when I couldn't find Aidan. He's my good boy, my easy to please, so when he didn't answer I thought he might still be outside with Brook. She said, "No, Mom. He came in with me." A little more panicky. (Is that even a word?) House, top to bottom. No Aidan. Ok, this is unusual. Not at the Wii, not watching Hot Wheels Battleforce 5. Not playing trucks or swinging outside. Starting to worry, here. It's only been 5 minutes, but the dispatcher in me is thinking call first, then look, seconds count! Okay. Top to bottom again. Rooms: Aidan's - not under the bed, not in the closet, not IN the bed. Clear. Brook's: *sigh* There's my sweet boy, safe and sound, snuggled with the animal collection that is Brook's pets. Love you, Moon!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summer Banner

Despite our gift of snow last night I am ready for warmer weather as you can tell!

Here is the back side of my spring banner I posted yesterday (scroll down to see it in Sophia). I did the back in Fanfare for a fun twist. The ribbons are bulk white grosgain, same as the other side. I really loved the sweet leaf bulk ribbon on the spring side, but in changing the back from Sophia to the bold Fanfare, I had to go neutral so it wouldn't clash with either side.
I really like the bold colors of this pack and think it's going to be perfect for number of different occasions. I was going to do my Disneyland album on Studio J in Zippidee, but I may mix these two! I really love the star theme and the primary colors.

I hope your day is warming up! Thanks for stopping by.

Warm wishes,
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Banner

Last Friday I attended a Banner class with my pal, Yvonne. She followed Karen's pattern as inspired by Lisa Stenz. They turned out really great and I had a good time hanging with the ladies!

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