Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CTMH Stamp Sale

It's come time to clear out my inventory. Sets available are new and used. Prices are minimum of 40% off plus free shipping and handling (since they are already here!) However, if you want me to ship your purchase to you, you will need to pay for that. USPS Priority Mail can fit several sets in the box, to anywhere in the country for $4.90. You are welcome to come pick them up also. Thanks for looking, and email or text all inquiries, please. 1st come 1st served!



NEW: 40% off plus FREE Shipping = 50% off!
D= $13.77, C= $11.37, B=$8.37
B1233 Solo I
B1237 Solo M
D1340 Easter Eggs
B1250 Solo Z
B1246 Solo V
B1239 Solo O
B1244 Solo T
D1262 Express Postgage
D1442 Thriller (Sept SOTM)
D1306 Treature Life
C1247 Simply Blossoms

USED: 50% off, Free Shipping = 60% off!!
D= $11.48, C= $9.48 B= $6.98

B1236 Solo L
B1229 Solo E
B1249 Solo Y
B1225 Solo A
B1226 Solo B
D1306 Treasure Life
B1348 Bowl of Cherries
D1304 Life's Creation
D1409 Flower Pot
D1231 Lovely Buckles
B1231 Solo G
D1275 Serendipity
B1230 Solo F
D1280 Spot On Backgrounds
D1262 Express Postage
D1424 Something Splendid
D1261 Simple Beauty

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