Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Studio J Fun

This is one of the first few layouts I tried my mad skillz at. I kept the papers the same and also the suggested embellishments in the kit. I added a ton of my stickease in the flowers and the blocks on the right layout. I rally had fun with the bees and their stitched "flight trails"... maybe a little too fun.. Oh, well!

This layout just makes me laugh! Every time I would see my son, Aidan, in the Glider, he reminded me of the old Memorex commercials and the one MTV copied a little later. The only non copy-written picture I could find was really small, so it is completely out of focus in the large photo well here, but I actually left it this way because I liked the surreal effect it gave the photo - just like a memory or the distorted filmmaking techniques used on purpose in today's world. Yes, I got the nasty warning triangle, and yes, I approved the layout to print anyway. And I got a letter in my order stating I had approved a layout with low resolution. Lol! Studio J makes suggestions for you, but you are still open to use your own creativity just how you want it!

By the way, you can make the first layout in about 30 minutes and the second in 15 minutes. If you'd like to see how, call me to schedule a 30 minute consultation. We'll walk through it together with your own photos and then if you like it, you can print it professionally with just the click of a button! Invite some friends over and any memberships purchased will go towards Hostess Rewards for you, just like a traditional Home Gathering! Call me today at 801.910.8698 or email!

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