Friday, August 26, 2011

Personal Yearbooks

It's that time again. Time to send the kiddies off to school for 9 months of hard labor, er.. I mean learning and personal enrichment. Lol! They are so excited to go back and I have to say Brandon & I are both feeling the same.

We both love having them home but they get so bored and they are ready to be back and have some fun and exciting activities to fill their days. Brook will be in third grade this year and Aidan is starting Kindergarten. Garrett will have a great time because Aidan will only be gone half days this year.. Enough time to get one on one and still have a buddy to play with when he gets home.

I knew with a new baby on the way I wouldn't have a lot of time to devote to their school books so I found this great download from Becky Higgins' blog. It's an easy yearbook to do with your kids or the whole class (I'm not THAT ambitious!) where you take a picture each month of the child in their class doing different activities, holiday celebrations or things in their classroom like art and crayons. Then have them draw a picture about that day or activity and they can journal their photo and art. The little kids may need some help to write down their thoughts for them.

The kids get to decorate each page with pre-cut B&T papers over the pre-printed design or color in their own on each page. I am excited to create this book for them both to help them document their year at school and teach them the values of pesonal progress and journalling. I'll still do a few pages of their activities each year that we are able to attend, but this will be a great help for me to keep them current and invaluable time spent together working on a Keepsake they'll enjoy for years to come.

Warm wishes,
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