Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Cherry-O} Valentine Cookies Level 2 Layout

I've had a few prints kicking around my desk for several months, not quite sure what to do with them, but wanting to get them scrapped and DONE. Sometimes I'm really good about 'scrapping my photos' as I take them and think in terms of layouts, sizes and patterns. And... Then there's the rest of the time when I'm lucky to get a single cellphone shot of the event and who knows if it's even in focus?

This was an 'in between' event. More than one picture (with my Canon) but not much thought beyond that. Consequently the layout in my head was nowhere to be found.

While looking through my layouts I kept ignoring Cherry-O for this as I felt I'd used it a lot for 2009 and the baking theme was well done.. Then in typical Trish-fashion, I decided, "Who cares?" It works with sweet cookie-making shots for a reason and why not use it when I like it? Lol!

What clenched the deal for me was some fabulous My Stickease found stashed in the packet like a long lost buried treasure. Way too tempting to pass up an easy Level 2 layout and just the approach I needed to get these great memories off my dust pile, Er..DESK pile and into the scrapbook to be enjoyed. May you enjoy it as well and be inspired to take the easy way some days!

Warm wishes,
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