Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Elemental

Silliness, that is! In celebration of the Studio J 5-pack deal this month, I created this layout in 15 minutes to show you how awesome Online Scrapbooking is using our My Reflections Elemental paper kit! Whether you need to catch up (a year or ten...) QUICK, like the ease of dragging and dropping your digital prints into a beautiful scrapbook layout or don't have the room to have your very own scrapbook room complete with overflowing shelves of items you've never used (but look VERY PRETTY on  the shelves) then Studio J is for you. Take a look-see on my website to see if it works for you. You can make this layout or any others-as many as you want- and never buy until you're ready to print! If you want to print - then go HERE to get February's awesome special - buy 5, get 5 FREE! It's Elemental.

Now here's a great tip. You can make this cool layout for members only to use as the "bookends" of your book! The family photo was taken for our Christmas cards last year and can go in the last page of my 2011 Album. The right layout is a picture of the kids on New Year's Eve banging their pots and pans on the porch at 0' midnight hours! 

This layout is called "No Limits" and is basically 2 12x12 photographs. I wanted the family picture to stand on it's own, but for the 2012 opener, I added some My Stickease from the Elemental kit and some text. Totally custom digital photo! I have so many plans for this kit. You'll have to stay tuned to see some of them later this month in Colt's baby book!

This layout works well at making 12x12 enlargements for DIRT CHEAP as a Studio J member and I am going to mount my kids' photos on a 12x12 artist canvas to hang on my wall in my hall - something I've wanted to do for EVER. With Studio J, you can even add their names and ages in any of our 60 color fonts and edit your photos all at once. Liven it up with some My Stickease from your favorite kit like I did for the 2012 page. This layout has literally NO LIMITS to your creativity. Learn more about becoming a Studio J member and all of the fabulous benefits (hint: 50% off every order!) by calling, emailing or texting me today!

Warm wishes,

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Karen Pedersen said...

LOVE both layouts but I love that your bookends page that will begin your 2012 album is of your kids welcoming in the new year. How fun!


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