Monday, November 26, 2012

Mall Rat {Studio J}

This is my secret name for this layout. Shh, don't tell Brook! (I don't want to scar her for life with my outdated vernacular, at least, not any more than I already have.) It's said with affection!

My sweet baby girl is growing up so fast! These pictures of Brook are from a few years ago, just after she turned seven. Seven is Heaven! They are a collection of random shots of her being girly over a few months that summer that just didn't go with anything else. Together, they paint the picture of a pre-tween tomboy who is just starting to pay attention to girl stuff (but don't tell anyone).

The focal shot is of Brook on a girls outing at the mall - just the two of us and no boys. In our house, this a real rarity! Brook was so excited to be doing Mall Stuff. We shopped (and bought!) just for her, we found some gifts for others and we had an Orange Julius at the food court which is what I remember most about being a kid and going to the mall. It became a tradition of my best friend and I to hit the Hello Kitty store and have an Orange Julius (remember when you used to be able to go places alone as a kid?)

When I met Brandon, he would always have a fresh, hot pretzel, so that became a tradition for us that we have shared with our kids as a family. For me and my princess, though, we did the girl thang and got Juliuses! Enjoy the moments.

Warm wishes,

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