Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl Specials

This was just the cutest little party decor, I had to share! Check out this site for some quick party ideas! Ok, now on to the deals!

Two choices, here, in no particular order:

Call/Text/Email me your order during the Super Bowl and receive 20% off your purchase!! This is only available through me. Payment can be later in person, Check by Mail or Pay Pal. You can peruse the online catalog page by page, or use the Shopping function to search and sort as quick as a Turn Over at

While you're online, head to the website at http;// and click the Super Bowl Mystery Hostess! link on the bottom right side, under Gatherings and shop till you drop during the Super Bowl. Every order will be entered in a random drawing to receive ALL of the Hostess Rewards for the day's orders! Nothing like zinging a Field Goal straight on over!

No matter which team you're for Ruby, Gypsy or Bamboo, everyone makes out like a million bucks during my Super Bowl specials!

Have a great weekend!

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