Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thanks for all the teachers!

Yesterday was Brook's last day of school, so we had cards to hand out to those teachers who spent tireless days - and I mean days - being an inspiration to my little darling. Despite having a rocky start we stuck with it and she made it through! Whew! Now it's her first official day of summer and sleeping in for Two. Whole. Months. How many bets she'll be bored by the end of the second week? Lol!

The card we made was super simple and pretty quick to assemble. Even a novice stamper can pull this one off! Well, you know me. When it's multiples of anything it better be simple so they ALL get done! The base is a 3x3 Hollyhock cardstock dry embossed with the stylus and your trimmer. This technique is really easy. Just line your card up where you want the embossing line and instead of cutting, move the orange trim piece out of the way and run your embossing stylus along the seam where the blade normally goes. Straight lines and the perfect depth every time! Then sand lightly on the front with your block to expose the white core of our cardstock. The remaining edges are distressed with the edge distresser and buttons are tied with White Daisy Embroidery floss and adhered with Glue Dots. Voila! It took about an hour to do 8 of them.

Supplies used:
Originals Card Confidence Program
My Acrylix stamps (retired.)
Green dot (&reverse buttercup) B&T from Boom Di-Ada Level2
Winter Craft Buttons
Sanding Kit
Edge Distresser
Micro-Tip Scissors
Mini Glue Dots (green box)

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