Saturday, August 7, 2010

Marsh Lake, er, Statel.. er, the Uintahs

*A whole bunch of camping pictures today!!*
Lots of changes at CTMH while I was out of town - it's a killer to know I missed seeing the new Autumn/Winter Idea Book firsthand by THREE HOURS. Ugh. But I am back and it is beautiful! I can't wait to show it to you! Over the next month watch for hints and updates!!

Now, on to the marshmallows!! Er, I mean family vacation! My husband's family has been going to the Uintahs for five generations. We have missed going the past few years and we were really grateful to be able to go back again this year. It was Garrett's first time and we also asked my parents along. They have been camping in the area many times, but have never had the pleasure of staying on the Marsh Lake, so it was much anticipated on all sides.

Despite starting the week off with a minor roadblock.. okay, a REALLY BIG ROADBLOCK, just a half mile in front of our preferred campsite.. we made lemonade and ended up having a really great time at a new campground, Stateline. As you can see it rained a TON, but we got a few rides in each day and saw a side of Marsh that we hadn't yet.

There were a lot of animals out. Not just your neighborhood campground Alvins, either. We saw a beaver and many beautiful birds including our pals the Camp Robbers, and even a bull moose just outside of our campground!

The first day was unquestionably the warmest I have EVER seen it up there. I believe it hit the 70s. I drove up in my shorts and t shirt and never changed to warmer clothes, even sitting around the fire later that night, and that's usually a necessity. A couple we ran into from West Bountiful said that it had been lovely all day and rained the three days previous. We hoped for a drier, warmer Marsh, er.. Stateline.

Never to happen. As Murphy would have it, rain was a constant companion all day every day, with one truly horrible deluge. It also happened to be the day we were out riding about ten miles from camp and got caught in it. We all came back completely soaked and dripping! It had actually hailed on us for a short time. Brandon saw my Dad hit the gas just as a front swept over him and gleefully yelled, "Here we go!" Man! that was a PAINFUL ride back! We laughed, though, and chalked it up to some great memories! (We learned not to get too far away from camp, though!)

All in all it was a great trip and the rain even let up... on the last day! Lol! It's always rainy but we would have been hard pressed to have a good time in just our tent. We were very grateful for Grandpa's Bus (motorhome.) Here are some more pictures of our trip and I hope you enjoy looking as much as we did making!!


Beautiful Marsh Lake. The mirror before the storm.

Mondo Marshmallows!!
Grandma got some Green and Purple flames from camping World. We made our own Northern Lights!
Sunset over the mountain.
We had a small visitor who got stuck whilst trying to steal dinner.. Poor, poor Theodore..
Stateline Reservoir
Deer in the Glenn. The beetles have really destroyed the forest up here. The larvae causes a fungus that prevents the trees from getting water. It only affects mature trees, but it's sad. The forest will never look like it once did three years ago in our lifetime. 

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