Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorative Elements Christmas Ornaments

This is what I do in my spare time when I'm not saving the world at work. Ok it's not so dramatic as all that. I do get to do some downtime activities at my desk when it it's slow, though, so I try to get my crafting in then.

Today in preparation of decorating the tree with the kids, I sponged my DE Ornaments with Cranberry and Sweet Leaf. Starting tonight, we're doing a new holiday thing and the kids are making most of the ornaments for our tree.

This is REALLY TOUGH for mom. In the past, the tree has been my baby. I spent YEARS selecting (not just buying-no nothing as blase' as that) the ornamentation that culminates in the perfect Christmas tree, no, the Ultimate Christmas Tree... But I digress.

We're trying to have fun and create some fun memories for them which we will of course scrapbook, but not break the bank nor moms patience in the meantime.

So here they are. We'll add black and white photos of the kids and some ribbon and glitter tonight when we assemble them. I'll post some pics of our tree when we get them done this weekend. Gotta take some photos and print them out.

Love much!

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