Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Hunger Games

I started reading this book last week. I know. You're thinking, "FINALLY." I seem to do that a lot. I did it with Harry Potter and Twilight, too. Not normally the books I would pick up, I get sucked into reading them after they are a Phenomenon. That's right. That's a capital P.

Same, here. My sis-in-law's ganged up on me (okay, it really wasn't like that), but they STRONGLY suggested I read the books as they prepared to start the 3rd in the trilogy. I can say, I wasn't hip on the story line. Don't like negative. Much prefer to zone out in the Happy Ever After. Plus it is too creepy that it is not that far out of an idea, right now..

I must say, I am very pleasantly impressed. I am only halfway through the first book (so please don't spoil it) but I can't wait to see what happens! So thanks to all of you who have recommended me books I haven't wanted to read. I always read them and am usually glad I did. Keep up the good work!

PS- Happy Birthday to my niece, Lecsy!

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