Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summer Banner

Despite our gift of snow last night I am ready for warmer weather as you can tell!

Here is the back side of my spring banner I posted yesterday (scroll down to see it in Sophia). I did the back in Fanfare for a fun twist. The ribbons are bulk white grosgain, same as the other side. I really loved the sweet leaf bulk ribbon on the spring side, but in changing the back from Sophia to the bold Fanfare, I had to go neutral so it wouldn't clash with either side.
I really like the bold colors of this pack and think it's going to be perfect for number of different occasions. I was going to do my Disneyland album on Studio J in Zippidee, but I may mix these two! I really love the star theme and the primary colors.

I hope your day is warming up! Thanks for stopping by.

Warm wishes,
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