Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweet dreams

I started to panic a bit when I couldn't find Aidan. He's my good boy, my easy to please, so when he didn't answer I thought he might still be outside with Brook. She said, "No, Mom. He came in with me." A little more panicky. (Is that even a word?) House, top to bottom. No Aidan. Ok, this is unusual. Not at the Wii, not watching Hot Wheels Battleforce 5. Not playing trucks or swinging outside. Starting to worry, here. It's only been 5 minutes, but the dispatcher in me is thinking call first, then look, seconds count! Okay. Top to bottom again. Rooms: Aidan's - not under the bed, not in the closet, not IN the bed. Clear. Brook's: *sigh* There's my sweet boy, safe and sound, snuggled with the animal collection that is Brook's pets. Love you, Moon!
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