Friday, June 24, 2011

Flooding at Murray Park

While I am working tonight dealing with the flooding, Brandon decided to GO to the floods! This is Murray Park acting as the flood plain which it was designed as.

It is pretty cool to see, I admit! It hasn't been this bad since 1983's El Nino floods when State Street turned into a river. Murray park did flood last year, too, with overflow into the #2 lane northbound but was clear after a few hours.

In addition to natural disasters, it's West Fest in West Valley City (always FUN from a public safety standpoint), Taylorsville Dayzz and the Extreme Home Makeover Utah Edition project in Daybreak. Man! I haven't worked a swing in a long time. What a weekend to refresh! Hope your weekend has MUCH less mayhem!

Warm wishes,

The spot where we took our family pictures 8 years ago when Brook was a baby - totally under water now!


The bridge is totally wiped out here.

The hill on the north side at 330 e, where we used to rollerblade.

Almost looks like the south with the weepy cyprus trees you always see in pictures!

Looks peaceful, but you can see how fast it's moving and how dangerous it is.

The ropes show where the banks of the river normally are.

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