Monday, August 1, 2011

Week In The Life {Saturday}

Little more stressful today. Jackson hit the doorbell first thing this morning and I told the kids they couldn't play until they got dressed and cleaned up the basement first. Whew, crisis diverted! I feel bad when I turn him away because I know his Mom sleeps during the day, but my own kids are hard everyday, let alone adding another! Brandon likes to sleep in late on my weekend to catch up, so I understand, but I just needed a break today and I had lots of cleaning to do.

I was able to get a mid-afternoon break when Brandon kept the kids outside while he mowed the lawn. Garrett and I went to Babies R Us for some door knob thingies (safety lock for the door so Garrett can't open them). The getting out and the locked doors were AMAZING! It's much nicer being able to keep him to a contained area free from markers and small toys! I had a good time perusing the stuff at the store and window shopping for the new baby. I wish you could have a shower every time, though! (My sister-in-law, Verliene, thinks you should have one every ten years minimum to replace the broken, faded, torn and fads. I agree, we should start it!)

Check out the day in pictures:

Yesterday's mail greets me today. Lookie what I have!!

Rice Chex with Aidan and Ellie

He's learned from the best what to do with his milk!

An outing with Garrett.

In the store cruisin for chicks, er.. stuff.

Plans for the album.

Gone crazy.
Warm wishes,

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Karen Pedersen said...

I know I've said it before, but I'm lovin' this project. I can hardly wait to see your pages!


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