Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week In The Life {Friday}

Hello all,

Friday was an interesting day in this journey. I had expected to have improved documentation and photos because there was no longer a work excuse.. Surprise! Yeah, it was just as bad if not worse, lol! The glamour had worn off, so to speak, and I was less dedicated. I forgot my camera half the time. I sat down to plan the layouts and just felt.. blank. I didn't know what to do, like my brain had turned off! I do attribute part of this to just being pregnant and the lack of a brain in general but I'll own it!

Being generally off this week, my poor kids suffered with my bad attitude! Jackson came over today. They spent most of the day yelling and screaming and I felt like I had a monster case of the headaches before noon. I love that my kids have a friend they can both play with, but some days...

Something I learned today is I need to smile more! All of the pictures have my perpetual frown. I have a tendency to be negative anyway, but apparently this is transferring to my face! Lol!

Here's a snapshot of my day (PS- Don't mind the dirty laundry.)

Up bright and early today and already changed our clothes twice!

Dirty Laundry on the net! (Note to self: Comb hair.)

A familiar view almost daily as I break out the laptop.

Play Date.

My laundry room is often very disorganized throughout the week and I spend the weekend putting it back together. This may be the suspect in action..

Fight #1

Fight #2. Aidan is sure pitching some fast ones today.

Melted ice cream in the dark. Not a bad end to the day.

Tools of the trade.

Covering up those roots.
Warm wishes,

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