Monday, February 13, 2012

Christmas in March

... sort of. Last year for Christmas we gave my parents some tickets to Les Miserables. The company was going to be on tour here in Salt Lake and of course I wanted to go (it's one of my favorites). Mom wanted to go. It seemed like a good excuse for a Christmas gift! Sadly, I thought I had reserved seats in December - and hadn't. So when the announcement came that the tickets were on a pre-sale - I ignored it. I had my tickets. Well.... no. It was terrible, but by the time I figured it out I had missed the window of opportunity, they were sold out. Ugh. There goes my awesome gift and awesome evening with Mom. 

Luckily, Mom being Mom, she was willing to *settle* for Riverdance, lol. It just so happened they were detouring through and I was able to secure some seats for us. Dad wanted to go, too. Ok, so maybe he felt a little obligated (Brandon bowed out with the excuse he's seen it before - believe it or not, he has. LIVE.-but redeemed himself when he agreed to watch the kids).

My Mom used to work for Ballet West before I was born and always loves going to the theater - no matter what kind. We had so much fun telling tales about all the shenanigans behind the scenes at Capitol Theatre. We laughed about the artistic director's wife, Mrs. Christensen (Mrs. C, as she was known by the company), and how she always had to sit in the Orchestra section right under the spotlight in the center. That way when the lights went up for the curtain, she was perfectly highlighted.

All in all, no matter the venue, we had a great evening - even Dad! (You can see the text of the page by clicking on the image to enlarge it.) Date night with the parents. Who'd have thought?

Warm wishes,
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Karen Pedersen said...

What a fun memory and thing to scrap about!


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