Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday My Love {Studio J}

This page is dedicated to my man, my main squeeze, my partner in crime, Brandon. Yeah. I know he's not pictured here. (He hates his picture being taken.) This is what he gets to wake up to every day.. one perfect princess, one tough guy an adorable baby and ... the three year old. (Garrett :)

He's an amazing man to deal with these crazy kids (did I mention Garrett is THREE?) and keep this household running like a well-oiled machine while I am working all day. The amazing thing is he's still sane *mostly* and he loves them all to pieces. Happy birthday to the best Daddy and Husband ever! I love you so much and I am so privileged to spend this life with you now and forever!

(This page was a particularly difficult morning for the then-two year old, Garrett. These pictures, taken by Brandon, perfectly captured the feeling of getting up too early because Aidan was just a little too loud waking and couldn't resist getting his brother up to *help* with breakfast. You gotta love it. One day we will. Right? ~Lol)

Page created in the Studio J Online Srapbooking suite here using My Reflections Roughing It.


Karen Pedersen said...

Awesome layout and fun birthday tribute.

Casandra said...

Awe...cute story. I love that template in Studio J. You really know how to use digital...I'm still in basic mode. LOL


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