Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Means Disneyland Right?

Ok, not for us this year, but for many families, summer vacation means a trip to the great unknown ..or a more beloved tradition like Disneyland. While we are not going again this year (need to wait until Colt gets a few years on him!) we can easily reminisce about the wonderful trip we had as we finish creating our Disneyland album from December 2010 in Studio J. We took the family to California for our Christmas present to each other and it was one of the best things we have ever done for our loved ones! I highly recommend it if you get the chance (though the traditionalist in me had a hard time with 70s and no snow in December!)

Before we get to the next layout though, let me quickly tell you the best thing ever: It's Stampaganza time at Close To My Heart! I know! Isn't it just fabulous?! For every 2 A, B, C, D, or E-sized stamp sets you buy during the month of June, you can get a third of equal or lesser value FREE! You heard it, sistah! Stop on over to my website to shop 24/7 or contact me (801.910.8698, to put you down! LOVE IT! Okay, now back to the creatin'!

I just have to say, one of the very best attributes of Studio J (aside from it's ease of use for beginners to scrap-masters) is that you can use any kit from the past few years, even if they're retired. Route 66 couldn't have been more perfect for a trip to Radiator Springs!
All of these layouts were created very quickly using the preexisting template provided for in the kit pattern. If you want to customize, you simple click on the Embellishments tab and toggle off the embellishments on the page. This will "hide" those ready made-ready placed buttons, metals and ribbons that come ready to color on each and every kit. I love the freedom you have to do it your way - fast, easy or fussy!

Have a great summer vacation somewhere (even on your own back porch) and photograph it!

Warm wishes,

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anne said...

Yes it really mean like that. But unfortunately I can't just take a work leave. I am really excited to be in Disney and experience the Disney Dining again. But it's not that easy.


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