Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lucky 13

I married my best friend thirteen years ago today. It seems like only yesterday, and yet, my how we have changed! A few more additions. 

A few more milestones! 
Brandon is the light of my life and I sure am the lucky one, here. A wonderful partner and companion, he keeps me on the straight and narrow. I know I couldn't have done what I have in life if he hadn't been here beside me. I love you, Bran. So much. And I am proud to stand by you as you stand up for what you believe in. This year is going to be our lucky one!

This layout was from the first class I ever taught as a Close To My Heart consultant. I still haven't finished my wedding album and I kind of consider it a work in progress, but this is still my favorite layout by far. It's remained unchanged since we made them some 4 and a half years ago. A winning combination of words and pictures, patterns and color. Lucky, to have never been revamped amid life's distractions. May the next 13 be as lucky as the past 13 have been! Love you, Bran!

Warm wishes,


Casandra Bennett said...

Awe. Happy Anniversary to you! You make a cute couple and a beautiful family! :)

Heather Jane said...

Happy Anniversary! I will testimony that thirteen IS a lucky number! (Despite its rap). It is my personal lucky number as it is my birthday date, and I was in crib 13 of the nursery, and my Mom's room was 213. I find it a very happy number! Glad someone else does too!


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