Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Powdered Garrett {Studio J}

Some days, you just have to scrap the bad with the good. I foresee a lot of these moments in my 3rd child's memory book. Despite his penchant for mischief, he is one cute kid. And it's a good thing.

This layout was a fun challenge I made for myself. Kind of like the challenge presented daily as a parent of Garrett. But I digress. Since we are working with Flirty this month I wanted to use that to start. This color combo screamed girl to me when I first saw it. So what better way to think outside of the box than to use this paper pack for one of my boys! With the deep boldness of Flirty Raspberry prevalent all through, it seemed an impossible task, my dear Watson.

Not to fear. Luckily, these pictures surfaced at just the right time. With the characteristic stylized colors of the typical cell phone camera, my honey oak cabinets morphed into a supernatural chartreuse, reminiscent of the surreal green cast left on film by florescent lighting (or a terrible cell phone camera with low-lighting. I'm just sayin'.)

I had a lot of fun with type on this layout. I absolutely love creative lettering. I wish I had more time and patience to work on this art, because it's so much fun! (Yes, Virginia, I am a font-a-holic.) Subway Art is very much IN right now with a capital I and I took my cue for the age and date blocks from that. I love mixing different font types and sizes so this type of art really appeals to me. Ok, enough with the blah, blah. Switch up the colors on a standard layout kit and nix a bunch of the embellishments because we're guys here. Totally masculine, even with the Flirty Raspberry!

As a side note, I do hope I won't have to do too many more of these similar layouts. (Have mercy.)

Warm wishes,


Karen Pedersen said...

So much fun! I love what you did!

Casandra Bennett said...

It is elementary, my dear. Very cute! I know what you mean about those mischief makers, but gosh, they do make me laugh, even if it's after the frustration wears off. :)


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