Thursday, July 29, 2010

Studio J is an awesome deal!

Okay ladies here's the nitty on the gritty. Learn about 3 lovely ladies in a series detailing their journey towards peace of mind over the next few days and how they found the courage to get 'er done! All models here are based on 10 2-page layouts every month. If you take Tons of pictures like me, you know that's spot on.

Most price breaks across the board are at 10 so this is very comparable to other programs. The difference with Close To My Heart's Studio J and other competitors is we do 2pages vs their singles (10 vs 20.) Read on!

Patty Pictures has many pictures saved and wants to get that album done but seems to spend a lot of time trying to decide where to start. She has a whole shelf of traditional scrapbook materials and seems overwhelmed. When she prints pictures she wastes money printing pictures she doesn't need or in the wrong sizes and they sit nicely in a box gathering dust. This is NOT where we want them to be. Lost. Discarded. Forgotten.

Enter Studio J. Patty can scrapbook anywhere she has an internet connection. SJ is 100% online! These days you may be able to do that on your phone! Lol! So no software, external hard drive storage or paper kits to purchase. The drag and drop technology is to easy work with and you Don't need Mad Skillz to do this! Your pictures are automatically resized for the layout. You can choose a layout based on the number of pictures just like our popular How-to books!

Mess around with it and design your paper layouts without purchasing prints, too! If Patty decides to print her 2-page layout she will pay a base price of $12.95 plus tax and shipping.

Let us not stop there. No, we are savvy shoppers, ladies! Patty gets a better deal if she creates 10 2-page layouts and purchases them together. Currently, she can get 10 memory protectors and free shipping. She only pays tax on her $129.50 purchase and they come ready to add to her album!

This is not the best deal, however. Patty can sign up for a membership for 12 mos starting September 1st and for only $99 GET 50% off all printing! Free 5 pack memory protectors for every 5 2-page layouts purchased and ship once per month for FREE! She pays $69.45 (include Ut sales tax) out the door every month after membership. You only need 16 2-page layouts in a year to break even. For Patty that's 45 days and she starts making a return on her money!

As a member, Patty gets access to all the current kits and exclusive retired kits only available online. New kits and Jeanette's exclusive patterns are frequently added and members get special deals and campaigns along the way! Most of all, Patty gets a beautiful finished album in a month and a half and all of her artwork is saved online, preserved. She has digital copies to reprint as gifts for friends and family and peace of mind. Patty's savings over one year is a phenomenal at $781.20! Learn more at > Studio J Online Scrapbooking



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