Tuesday, July 27, 2010

$99 Kit ending this week!

The last day to pay the LEAST amount of money on your Consultant Kit is July 31st. Starting August 1st, the price is going up to $129. If you're on the fence, hop on over because I want you on my team - AND at the best deal possible because we're savvy!

PLUS, if you're into Studio J - even if you don't want to sell CTMH, this is the most fabulous way to get your online pages CHEAP!! I'm talking 120 2-page layouts for $535 - That's a WHOLE YEAR of layouts (10 2page layouts EVERY MONTH!) Get your Baby's first year, Disneyland or your Family History done for more than $1000 off competitors' programs! I'll go into the price break down for SJ later this week so stay tuned for the deets, but if you want over $300 retail worth of your favorite CTMH - buy this kit now, before the price goes up! Sign up here.

*To clarify, the amount of product you will get in August ALSO goes up and is a better percentage of free - but your out of pocket cost is higher at $129 vs $99. Shipping and tax apply.

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