Saturday, February 19, 2011

I feel Lucky, oh so Lucky!

Hey all, I've finally had some time to play with these papers, now that the blog hop is over. They are so much fun! I love the colors and while they are very "boy", you can see they worked for Brook, too! In March we will be making these 6 fabulous layouts:

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3 - Left

Layout 3 - Right
I have to tell you the story of "blessings." Brook and Aidan were having their dinner at the table when the talk turned back to saying the blessing (they ALWAYS fight over who's turn it is to say it next.) We were goofing around and I told them they needed to count their blessings. It went over their head a little bit and Brandon and I moved on in the conversation. As we were discussing the latest truck project, I hear Aidan shout at Brook, "No! I had 22. YOU had 23!" Such sweet little angels.. they had been "counting their blessings" the whole time in a contest as to who could get to 100 the fastest. Absolutely nothing to do with being thankful... but we have to start somewhere!! Love my table talk!

Now back to the information for my March Play Date Classes. You can read the general information about my classes at the bottom of my blog. Just scroll down to where it says "Play Date Information" and read away! Classes are held in my home in South Jordan, UT.

Class Dates and Times (be sure you have your space reserved and order to me no later than Wed, March 16.)

•Tuesday, March 22, 6pm - 9pm
•Thursday, March 24, 6pm - 9pm
•Saturday, March 26, 10am - 1pm
•Saturday, March 26, 6pm - 9pm

Remember, in order to attend you only need to purchase the Basic Kit. After that, you are more than welcome to purchase the Better or Best Kits, pick and choose items from one or both of them, add some more items from the Idea Book, or just stop at Basic. Pretty easy! Here is the shopping list:

Basic Kit:
•Lucky Level 2 Paper Pack
•Exclusive Stamp Set
•Wooden Designer Buttons
•Natural Hemp
•Cutting Guide
•3 Extra Sheets of Cardstock (gift from Trish)
Subtotal $29.95*

Total with shipping and tax $34.38

Better Kit = Basic Kit plus the following products:
•Desert Sand Stamp Pad
•Outdoor Denim Stamp Pad
•Round Sponge
Subtotal: $46.13*

Total with shipping and tax: $52.96
Best Kit = Basic and Better Kits plus the following products:
•Rustic Alphabet Stamp Set

Subtotal: $81.08**

Total with shipping and tax: $93.08
*at this level you qualify for the Feb. Stamp of the Month (D1453-Friendship) for 25% off ($17.21)
**at this level you qualify for the Feb. Stamp of the Month (D1453-Friendship) for 75% off ($5.74)

Call or email me to sign up for a class and to place your kit order no later than 9am Wednesday, March 16th at 801.910.8698 or

Warm wishes,

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