Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Round

This first layout today, is a pattern that is exclusive to Studio J members. In addition to patterns, there are also paper kits exclusive to Studio J Members. Then on top of that there are Studio Paper kits that are not available in traditional paper kits. Still with me?

Fantastic! This layout was super easy! I changed the chocolate base from a Colonial White one, but all the other elements are the same as what was suggested. It took me about 20 minutes from starting up the computer to adding this to my shopping cart!

Yay! The final page! This one illustrates the toggle effect. When you select a kit it will have some basic embellishments suggested for you. If you don't like what they suggest, you can simply turn them "off" by toggling the switch located under "Embellishments" on the left tool bar. If you have the gray showing of an uncolored embellishment, it will print that way (you get a warning at checkout), but if you toggle them off they disappear as if they were never there. If you change your mind you can toggle them back on. For this layout, I actually put ribbons in the same general places, but the original one on the left page went right across Aidan's face. You can't simply move one that is one of the originals, so I toggled off and added my own. Then I changed the ribbons on the right side to match. Perfect!

Warm wishes,

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Karen Pedersen said...

I have loved every last one of your Marsh Lake layouts. GREAT job, Studio J Queen!


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