Monday, March 28, 2011

Studio J and Marsh Lake

Good morning! I can't believe how much I've learned about Studio J in just playing around online. Did you know you play and you never have to pay unless you decide to print? Sure! I know you'll love it if you try it, too. I mean check these pages out? And best of all, I got free shipping, free page protectors, free jpegs to put on my website and I have a full-size jpeg stored and backed up in addition to my professionally printed scrapbook, all for only $3.25 per page (as a consultant I get an additional 22% off - totally worth it even if all you do is hobby!) Learn more about the savings with Studio J memberships by contacting me today!

The first layout uses multiple My Stickease branches to create a log pole in which to stick the journalling "signs". This is a small branch copied and pasted several times to get the desired height for the amount of journalling. The "signs" are a Title, "On the Trail", shrunk down to the size I wanted and then text boxes added  to create journalling strips. The photos on both layouts have been fixed in Studio J to make the colors pop a bit more by tweaking the brightness and contrast. I also gave the center logging picture a surreal effect by changing the hue and saturation.

I confess I may have given myself a face lift on the second page... It's not the best picture. It needed all the help I could give it! A little airbrushing magic and glare removal were all that was needed. I couldn't help the hair, but, eh. You do what you can.

***Studio J Members, have you got your layouts in for the month? There's still time to save on shipping and sheet protectors with your minimum purchase of 4 layouts!***

Warm wishes,

PS- Happy Birthday to Jeanette Lynton our founder and CEO of Close To My Heart!


Karen Pedersen said...

You are ROCKIN' the J, my friend! I love the photo in layout 2 of your kiddos by the dead tree. TOO CUTE! Oh, and a HUGE Congrats on your 5 bingos. WOO HOO!

Trisha Morton said...

Thanks, Karen! I'm really liking it and am finding more and more things to get caught up with Studio J. And thanks on the bingos!


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