Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In the Life {Thursday}

Whew! It's midweek on this project and I feel like I have learned a lot about myself and my family. I am really recognizing patterns and habits and am trying to document those. The little things we do everyday are the building blocks of our life and are often the most overlooked. When we go on vacation we don't take pictures of food or getting ready (okay, most people don't - I DO) but we take the waterfall or the kids playing.

In looking back you may think it unnecessary to document these habits in your life because they are not what we remember. We remember the action on the waterslide rather than the fighting with your brother over who got to go first for the 100th time and how you were planning to sneak first and outsmart him. Yet these moments have influenced you in subtle ways you might not be aware of. If you saw a photo of an instant in your life that day (say.. curling your hair) you would remember what was on your mind when it was taken or maybe the song you were listening to. These are the moments in my day I am noticing more by participating in this project.

A healthy snack

Heather. One of my partners at work.

Working. One thing I noticed about this photo is it's reversed. It took it using the front camera on my phone rather than the main camera lens on the back.

One of the many messes I clean up everyday. With Garrett's current favorite activity, I am so grateful for Lysol and Magic Erasers!

Lasagna and Broccoli for dinner. I REALLY hate using paper plates. It has always bugged me, but I really hate spending an hour or more in the kitchen cleaning after I've already spent that cooking! I hope to change this as the kids get older and start helping out more.. Mwah ah ah!!

Sometimes the best toy is a box.

Scrapbook the moment!

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