Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life {Tuesday}

Okay, we're in day number two and I admit to much less documentation today. It wasn't on purpose, just had a stressful day and it started off blank as I'm not able to do these activities while I'm training someone at work (currently 7a-11a). 

I was able to get some good pics, I think, but there are less to choose from. (This may actually be constructive for me next week when I start putting this together as I had a hard time narrowing them down yesterday!) I always have taken TONS of pictures - even before digital - and it's hard for me to remember that they can still be kept and have value, but I don't have to actually print and scrapbook EVERY ONE.

I did remember to try and include myself more in the pictures. The purpose is a Week in MY life.. and also because I am in almost no photos in general as I am always the one taking them! Today I did have a little help from Brook, though. She is quite taken with the idea of taking photos (yay!) and is already a born scrapbooker.


Casandra said...

Trisha, I thought of you tonight as I drove to daycare to pick my kids up. Guess what was playing on the radio? "Big Green Tractor". Haha. Thought you'd find this amusing. My work day ended on a stressful note yesterday, but hubby came home with peanut butter M&M's for me to make me feel better. He knows me so well. :)

Trisha Morton said...

Casandra, you are too kind! Thanks for that and I DO love that song, lol! Hope things are better for you today!


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