Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In The Life {Wednesday}

I think this is the coolest project ever! I have been thinking this past month (before coming across this project from Ali Edwards) that I often think in "tweets" and status updates now, but don't have time to post them when my hands are free. If I could just have a little elf follow me around all day and document my updates in my head and take a picture, it would be an amazing tale! Of course, then there's the legal issues and the inappropriate comments to deal with, because the elf might not know what should be posted and what should be politely left out. There would probably be union dues.. Just kidding. But you see what I'm talking about. I think in tangents all the time and this is a great way to note that part of my personality in photos and words.

Documentation failed on the first half today. I'm still having a hard time getting this done while training as I have stated before (blah, blah, blah, I know!) Something to work on, and perhaps help in my choice of weeks next time. I was able to get some photos, but found myself thinking just after an event, "I should have taken a picture!" Example was the Wally's trip (aka Walmart.) Completely spaced the camera as the grocery shopping is always a whirlwind anyway with three kids. Ugh. I did manage a pic in the parking lot though.. that counts, right?! Right?

I'm writing my Thursday documents today, and this is going better so far. I hope to see an improvement on this over the weekend when work is not interfering!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day. This took longer than expected because my camera battery had died last night. Go figure. I think everyone and their dog who is doing this project has joked, tweeted or posted something about "Can't wait! Charging my camera batteries for tomorrow!" Yeah, well...
Morning hair. I struggled to put this one in, but hey, I hardly wear makeup anyway since I'm allergic to it, so this is what I always look like (with better hair and lighting (lol!)

A view from my desk at work. Meet Tammy's back (she hates pictures).

While at work looking over my notes and photos trying to write this blog, I realized I had been taking pictures for a while now with the kid's fingerprints on the lens. Grr. 

I drove to work and home, then to work again before I remembered to fill up the tank... Thank goodness for 30mpg cars.

My best friend this week!

Quick sneak trip to the store for some necessities!

Garrett throwing a fit. He's two. He's allowed. 

The Savior and Me.

Brandon loading the kids. A great help since I can't reach the middle of the truck now!

Saving money. (It rained on the fertilizer before they finished so they are trying to bag it up before it pours!)

The Wally's trip.

McDonalds dinner is a treat for the kids. Not so much for Mom and Dad.

Liked the colors with the fluorescent lighting and the neon. It has redeemed itself, the McDonalds.

Like bath time, not so much the diaper rash. Poor guy!
Hope your Week is going well!

Warm wishes,

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Karen Pedersen said...

I am loving this project. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!


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