Monday, September 16, 2013

Week In The Life | Monday Photos + Words

So excited for WITL to be here! I was going to do the digital layered templates Ali put together, but instead have decided to go with Studio J for simplicity and to keep it Close To My Heart. Very enthusiastic but feel like this is a huge project to jump back in with. Although, that's kind of why I committed - To jump-start my motivation for the best-ever season!

I used Ali's daily pages from 2011 again. I find this is really easy and helpful. And I love the way they look.

Here's a look at my day in photos + words:
 Getting ready for school.
  "Happy Anniversary, Mom!" The kids made us this cute card. Sure made our day.
 Dishes. My most *favorite* time of the day. Not. (It doesn't help that our family needs at least 2 loads per day. I am even lucky enough to only have to do one most of the time!)
 Laundry day.
 Bright eyes! Such a cute bed-head.
 Having breakfast with "Chuck".
 Totally, completely and unbelievably innocent.
 Teaching Colt how it's done. It's a time-honored tradition passed on from brother to brother.
 Lunch = leftover pizza. Got my plannin' on.
Whew, that went by fast! Mom & Dad were kind enough to come get the kids for a few hours so we could get a last-minute date night for our Anniversary.

And despite that easy planning, I still didn't get very much down. I found out I am still so very busy! And the house is a mess. As I went to take photos I zeroed in on the clutter. Having Mom at work all day is taking its toll in more ways than one.

Life is busy right now. I'm glad I captured a small window on my Week in the Life. See my other attempt at this here. And stop back for more days.

Warm wishes,

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