Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week In The Life | Tuesday Photos + Words

I really fell off the #weekinthelife wagon. Hard. Man, this is difficult. Having a really hard time taking pictures and documenting. Had to go back and fill in the gaps to my log on Wednesday. Oh, well. This is me. And I'm rolling with it. At least I know it's just not me feeling defeated; feeling a failure in that I can't seem to get any crafting done; worrying I am not getting done what I need/want to in the craft room. I really am that busy. Kids. House. Work. School. Brandon. Kids. House. Dinner. Diet. Kids. House. Homework. Snacks. Brandon. Kids...

Pretty introspective today. It's 9/11 and while that is starting to fade from people's thoughts and emotions, it still means a lot to me. See my thoughts here.
Went to work today and didn't take a single picture. I spend so much time there, but I hate having an hourly picture of the same view over and over. I can't show what really goes on behind the scenes, so it's frustrating to not be able to document this the way I want. So I won't. You can see how much time I log on my dailies. Too much.

Love the clouds. The weather is sometimes brushed off as unmeaningful, reduced to basic chatter when people don't know what to say to each other. But I love it! Heavenly Father has provided such a beautiful place for us. Loved how the sun shone on just one spot on the mountain, with the tumultuous clouds of the passing storm just above.
 A flag in every yard. This was one of the best things that happened after 9/11. People grew impassioned and patriotic. Remembered their pride in this great nation. There were flags everywhere! You couldn't look without seeing the Stars & Stripes. Do you remember? Oh, I loved this. If you miss this, look up your local 9/12 Project chapter and invigorate your community.
 Homework in the 5th grade is mostly on the computer. Aidan is jealous of the learning "games" Brook gets to play everyday. I think it's ironic that the schools tell us parents to limit kids' screen time.... and then assign computer games as homework.
 The Sippy. Still such a part of our lives.
 Dinnertime sitting next to one of my faves.

Enjoy your week!

Warm wishes,

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