Friday, March 4, 2011

My budding artists

The healthy Fruit Salad
This morning I woke up to a plethora of art. (This Usually happens after 'Mom's Ladies' come over.) The kids enjoy craft night quite a bit and always want to help set up and make new crafts. The 'Ladies' are always very good to humor them!

Brook made me a card with something yummy and 'healthy'. (Because It has both fruit and salad on the cover it's TWICE as good for you!) This girl's gonna be the next Close To My Heart star, I tell ya!

Brook's Card - inside

Aidan's Picasso
Aidan's started as a tracing of the buffalo, Roam, and ended up as a Picasso of my scrapbook work. He says, "I drew the blue and blue, light yellow, pink, dark yellow and pink, dark blue, blue, brown, orange and the grey, grey and the black", when asked to tell about it. "It's your work, Mom." Gotta love my support team!

Last night's card class was a lot of fun and thanks to the Ladies, Ann and Anja, being such good sports. We zipped through the cards last night and ended with some fabulous chocolate doughnuts. Mmmmm!
Warm wishes,
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ALessner said...

These are so awesome. I love young artists


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